SWIM: Dinos chasing T-Birds entering final day

SWIM: Dinos chasing T-Birds entering final day

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CALGARY – Stephen Calkins captured the Dinos' first gold medal at the 2018 Canada West Swimming Championships as his team remains within striking distance of archrival UBC heading into the final day of competition.

With 645 points, the UBC women's team holds a 243-point lead ahead of Calgary (402), while the Thunderbird men (514 pts.) hold a 74-point lead ahead the Dinos (440) heading into Sunday.

All told, the Dinos made nine appearances on the podium Saturday to bring their two-day total to 15 medals. Calkins led the way with a gold medal in the 50-metre freestyle, out-touching Lethbridge's Owen Guyn in a time of 22.58. Calkins added a silver medal in the 100-metre butterfly later in the night.

Robert Hill caught up to Markus Thormeyer of UBC during the breaststroke of the 400-metre individual medley race and the two were side by side going into the finish, but it was Thormeyer who pulled ahead and took gold with a time of 4:16.46. Hill took silver with 4:18.06 and Josh Zakala from Victoria took bronze finishing with 4:22.11. 

Benjamin Blackmon also grabbed silver for the Dinos in the 100-metre breaststroke in a time of 1:02.76. Marit Anderson added another bronze medal to her collection, picking up a third-place finish in the 200-metre backstroke. And in the following race, Anders Klein pulled off the same feat, picking up bronze in the men's edition of the 200 backstroke. Peter Brothers added a third bronze for the Dinos in the 200 free.

UBC ended the night off strong as both the men's and women's 4x100-metre freestyle relay teams took gold while the Dinos settled for silver in both races. Calgary held a lead of more than a second over UBC heading into the final leg of the men's race pitting the Dinos' Peter Brothers against Thormeyer, but the 2016 Olympian from UBC made up the difference within the first 25 metres and swam the Thunderbirds to gold with a margin of more than 1.5 seconds.

The 2018-19 Canada West Swimming Championships wrap up Sunday, beginning with preliminaries at 9 a.m. MT and finals at 3 p.m. MT. All sessions will be streamed live on CanadaWest.tv.


1. UBC, 645 pts.
2. Calgary, 402
3. Alberta, 269
4. Victoria, 230
5. Manitoba, 189
6. Regina, 133
7. Lethbridge, 95
8. Thompson Rivers, 6

1. UBC, 514 pts.
2. Calgary, 440 
3. Victoria, 308
4. Alberta, 219
5. Lethbridge, 218
6. Regina, 192
7. Manitoba, 83
8. Thompson Rivers, 4 

Women's 50-metre freestyle
1. Hoi Lam Tam, UBC (25.12) *Canada West record
2. Quincy Bronzo, UBC (25.58)
3. Mackenzie Gunther, UBC (26.04) 

Men's 50-metre freestyle 
1. Stephen Calkins, Calgary (22.58)
2. Owen Guyn, Lethbridge (22.74)
3. Alex Loginov, UBC (22.79)

Women's 400-metre individual medley  
1. Emily Overholt, UBC (4:39.77)
2. Megan Dalke, UBC (4:44.56)
3. Maia Brundage, UBC (4:44.89)

Men's 400-metre individual medley 
1. Markus Thormeyer, UBC (4:16.46) 
2. Robert Hill, Calgary (4:18.06)
3. Josh Zakala, Victoria (4:22.11) 

Women's 100-metre butterfly 
1. Danielle Hanus, Victoria (58.89) *Canada West record
2. Hoi Lam Tam, UBC (1:00.39)
3. Jacomie Strydom, UBC (1:00.71)

Men's 100-metre butterfly 
1. Josiah Binnema, UBC (53.04)
2. Stephen Calkins, Calgary (54.58)
3. Araya Therrien, UBC (55.11)

Women's 200-metre backstroke 
1. Ingrid Wilm, UBC (2:08.15)
2. Olivia Ellard, UBC (2:08.41)
3. Marit Anderson, Calgary (2:13.94)

Men's 200-metre backstroke 
1. Josiah Binnema, UBC (1:56.42)
2. Nicolas Duke, UBC (1:58.86)
3. Anders Klein, Calgary (1:59.91)

Women's 100-metre breaststroke 
1. Kelsey Wog, Manitoba (1:06.44)
2. Madalyn Smith, Alberta (1:07.38)
3. Renae Ledoux, Alberta (1:07.62)

Men's 100-metre breaststroke 
1. Jaren LeFranc, UBC (1:01.72)
2. Benjamin Blackmon, Calgary (1:02.76)
3. Ruishen Yu, UBC (1:02.87)

Women's 200-metre freestyle 
1. Kelsey Wog, Manitoba (1:57.64)
2. Emily Overholt, UBC (1:59.79)
3. Maia Brundage, UBC (1:59.80)

Men's 200-metre freestyle 
1. Markus Thormeyer, UBC (1:46.00)
2. Alexander Pratt, UBC (1:48.85)
3. Peter Brothers, Calgary (1:49.84)

Women's 4x100-metre freestyle relay
1. UBC (3:42.47) – Hoi Lam Tam, Quincy Brozo, Maia Brundage, Mackenzie Gunther
2. Calgary (3:48.51) – Ana Kolaric, Julia Soutter, Helena Neise, Marit Anderson
3. Victoria (3:48.72) – Danielle Hanus, Lauren Taylor, Allison Ballantyne, Kaitlin Gervais

Men's 4x100-metre freestyle relay 
1. UBC (3:17.99) – Josiah Binnema, Alexander Pratt, Araya Therrien, Markus Thormeyer
2. Calgary (3:19.47) – Stephen Calkins, Parry Chirakon, Paul Latkovic, Peter Brothers
3. Lethbridge (3:23.41) – Owen Guyn, Tom Utas, Adam Stromberg, Raine Arden